Tuesday, April 21, 2015

New Articles and Videos on our Website

Welcome to our blogpost. We have been adding some exciting new features to our website at DesigningBrighterTomorrow.org.

New series of articles
We have partnered with Next Avenue, a division of Twin Cities Public Broadcasting, Inc. to have some very interesting and timely articles for those in their second half of life. These are posted twice a week, and we are sure these will be enjoyable and useful.

Also, be sure to check out our "Video and Other Media" section.
We have added some posts on Alzheimer's Disease and on Parkinson's Disease, and provide educational videos and other resources that we are sure that you will find useful.

In this section, we are adding new information on MeetUp and Skype - two wonderful ways to connect with others. MeetUp is great for finding people who live in your area who have common interests.  Skype is used worldwide, and provides a low-cost way to connect with your computer to people all over the world. You can connect by voice, or by video, if you have a camera on your computer - which most recent vintage computers do have.

Keep posted!

Monday, November 17, 2014

We now have a Google Blogger Page!

We are glad to share that we now have a Google Blogger page. Watch our websites for links to our social media pages. Who are we? Designing Brighter Tomorrows was incorporated in 1995, and is a private non-profit foundation.  The startup funding costs were met with private donations from the founder and her family. Initially, community training was provided in the area of helping youth with grief.  Also, a lending library was available for many areas of life changes.  With the advancement in the use of the internet, we are now making this information available through this website and social media. Our vision is for it to grow to be an extensive resource of information, and will be accessible to those with a variety of needs and abilities.